As a not-for-profit organisation, we are committed to providing opportunities for young people to rebuild their lives. Our vision and motto is ‘Building Lives’.

In 2007, director Dan Murphy fulfilled his passion of establishing an organisation dedicated to helping young people rebuild their lives, built on faith in Jesus. He could see the urgent need to provide an opportunity to young people to continue on the journey started with groups like Teen Challenge. Teen Challenge was established in 1971 and provides treatment and rehabilitation services to young people who are struggling with life-controlling problems such as self-harm, depression, substance abuse and homelessness, giving them a second chance at life.

We offer ongoing support, guidance and encouragement to continue the fundamentals established during the Teen Challenge program which include faith in Jesus and commitment to a local church and community, positive lifestyle values and employability.

The transition from Teen Challenge to Gateway Constructions SEQ allows young people to re-enter the community and stay focused on their journey by being surrounded by encouragement and understanding. Within the nurturing environment, we can provide skills and qualification that can transform lives and offer a brighter future to these deserving young people.TC Qld Logo cmyk


Proudly working in conjunction with Teen Challenge.