Please note this is general advice only and has not been tailored to your specific needs.

Transportable modular homes involve a unique construction process, and therefore the financial needs of our clients are unique too. It’s common in the banking world for the funding of our homes to be outside the usual lending guidelines, but this simply means a planned approach is required.

We recommend approaching your financial institution or mortgage broker very early in the planning and research stages. It is important that your lender is fully aware of the process to address any queries they may have from the very beginning.

Although our modular homes are constructed off site at our facility, it is vital to emphasise that your home is not a relocatable or kit home, but a permanent home completed by a licensed builder and meets all the usual council regulations. As with any new home, finance arrangements can come with their challenges regardless of the construction process but we have found they can often be overcome with the correct advice and planning. Your lender is always welcome to contact us directly or arrange a visit to our facility to help better understand the process.

Some suggested questions to ask your lender may include:

  • KeysHow much of a deposit is required?
  • What are the procedures that I need to follow in order to obtain my finance and settle my loan?
  • Can funds be released prior to the house going on site?
  • Can I use the equity in my land to finance my new home?
  • How long will it take for you to obtain the appropriate finance for my needs?
  • Will you process the First Home Owner’s Grant for me?

If you are unsure about anything regarding any part of the process, please remember that we are here to help and would be happy to recommend a financial advisor if required. Communication is key so don’t forget we are just a phone call away and happy to answer any question you may have – big or small.

NOTE: We are not a lending institution or broker. We cannot provide financial advice. The above scenarios are based on our own experience and has been prepared to offer useful information to clients with assisting them in making an informed decision regarding their own financial needs. We do not make any guarantees whether expressly or not as to your own ability to obtain finance.