Built to be Sustainable

  • Optimum site orientation for maximised passive solar design
  • Post footings contribute to small environmental footprint
  • Elevated floors to harness and circulate naturally cool air located beneath buildings
  • Optional: Hollow walls (Breathable Wall) permits cool air-flow circulation
  • Insulation in walls and roof customised to suit locality and climatic conditionsModWood
  • Verified eco-specified building materials
  • Sustainable plantation (80%) and recycled (20%) timbers
  • Plantation timbers for framing and internal linings (floors, walls and ceiling) in lieu of plasterboard
  • Sun shade maximised to glazed areas
  • Windows and doors positioned for cross ventilation air-flow
  • Insulating tinted glass for increased thermal resistance and natural light
  • 3-stars or more water efficient plumbing fixtures and fittings
  • Ventilated roof cavity to expel hot air which is replaced with cooler air
  • Reflective roofing materials and thermal performance paint coating system
  • Verandas and decks in recycled ModWood
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Energy efficient appliances available
  • Solar hot water and heat pump systems available
  • Integrated onsite power generation available
  • Onsite waste treatment available
  • Water tanks for rainwater harvesting to potable standard
  • Factory production minimises construction impact onsitemodwood deck
  • Efficient use of materials in factory reduces overall waste
  • Factory waste transformed into other products (e.g. garden mulch)

Built to Last

  • Standard Australian wind speed rating of C2 (W50C) with the option to upgrade to C3 (W60C).
  • Building’s timber framing is constructed with termite resistant materials to comply with the Building
    Code of Australia.
  • All external cladding has fire resistant properties.

Built to Grow

  • Accommodate for family extensions or commercial expansions with prefabricated building modules and linking pavilions.